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I provide strategic guidance, training, and support to marketing teams around the world.

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Guido is a very dedicated, hardworking and helpful individual, always solution and improvement driven. His experience, client relationship management skills and business insights make him a very successful account manager. His reliability, expertise across the various online channels, as well as his organization skills and know-how make him a pleasure to work with and ensure that every project is completed within the deadlines. Philipp Dalmolin

SEM/SEA Manager, Swarovski

Guido is a hard working, detailed oriented professional. He is highly organized and can easily manage a project on his own, but most of all he is a precious resource inside of a team: he really can motivate people, and he is always the first to offer help when needed. Alessandra Sogne

Account Manager, Amazon

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Is Voice Search the Future of Marketing?

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SEO: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

In the world of online marketing, there are many questions about what is SEO and how it helps businesses strengthen their Internet presence so that customers can find the services or products they offer. What Does SEO Stand For? The acronym SEO stands for search... read more