Guido is a very dedicated, hardworking and helpful individual, always solution and improvement driven. His experience, client relationship management skills and business insights make him a very successful account manager. His reliability, expertise across the various online channels, as well as his organization skills and know-how make him a pleasure to work with and ensure that every project is completed within the deadlines. Philipp Dalmolin

SEM/SEA Manager, Swarovski

I’ve been working with Guido for almost 2 years in Pro Web Consulting. He is one of the smartest colleagues I’ve ever worked with and it was a pleasure to collaborate with him. His points of view and mine weren’t always the same and every day we learned a lot from each other.

Pasquale Gangemi

Partner & Head of Operations (COO), Pro Web Consulting

Guido was my favourite colleague, we worked togher on many important projects sharing ideas and opinions. He is the skillest professional in Digital Marketing that I have ever met, always updated, motivated, it was great working in team with him. He has a great sense of humor which can change difficult situations and also he has great problem solving capabilities. He is the number one! Serena Scotto

Senior Account Manager, Pro Web Consulting

Guido è un professionista competente e molto preparato. Orientato al raggiungimento dei risultati, sa gestire progetti complessi in modo eccellente, prospettando sempre molteplici scenari di intervento. Ilaria Liprandi

Web Specialist, Sky Italia

Guido is a very competent and eclectic digital professional and he’s able to spread his digital skills among his colleagues too. He’s a strong problem solver: he understands the project’s weaknesses and he’s able to forecast issues and solutions. He’s also a very nice person, that anyone would like to have in his team. Duccio Lunari

Head of Sales & Marketing, Pro Web Consulting

Guido is very clever, accurate, determined. He has an enviable analysis capacity and a good and exhaustive capacity of problem solving. Very good as account manager, at project planning, project coordination and project management, he is eager to learn and to prove himself on tasks he is not even responsible of. He encourages those who work with him to grow professionally. I really appreciated his professional collaboration for his excellent quality and I would like to recommend him as a good professional, hoping to have a chance to work with him again. Claudio Conti

SEO Specialist, Pro Web Consulting

Guido è un professionista molto competente e preparato, sempre focalizzato sugli obiettivi da raggiungere. Ha un atteggiamento propositivo e costruttivo ed è in grado di supportare il cliente step by step con estrema gentilezza e puntualità nelle consegne. Offre il suo supporto tecnico in modo impeccabile, sa gestire egregiamente un gruppo di persone, è stato un onore per me collaborare con lui su progetti molto importanti come Sale&Pepe, LG e Sky. Daniela Caracciolo

SEO Specialist, Pro Web Consulting

Guido is a hard working, detailed oriented professional. He is highly organized and can easily manage a project on his own, but most of all he is a precious resource inside of a team: he really can motivate people, and he is always the first to offer help when needed. Alessandra Sogne

Account Manager, Amazon

Guido è stato un ottimo partner in tutti i progetti che abbiamo seguito insieme. Sempre gentile e focalizzato sull’obiettivo, preparato e disponibile a condividere il suo know how è aperto al confronto costruttivo per raggiungere gli obiettivi condivisi. Puntuale nelle consegne e preciso nei risultati, è stato un prezioso supporto per il team. Elisa Ferrari

Account Manager, Proximity BBDO

Guido Gobetti was my boss during my Fall internship at Adecco, Italia. While working with him I never felt beneath him; rather, Guido treated me with the same high minded respect as he treated his peers and close colleagues. As a role model, Guido helped me solve problems and improve my quality of work beyond what was demanded of him, demonstrating the importance he places on putting 100% effort into any activity he is involved in. Speaking on his qualifications, Guido makes sure he is knowledgeable and informed on the subjects he is proficient in. I learned more about data analytics and digital marketing solutions from Guido then I would have in any classroom environment. As an individual, Guido is kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and proactive in his work and professional relationships. Hunter Reed

Global Marketing Intern, Adecco Group